Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

The most common pitfall of unsuccessful website campaigns is failing to see the power of social media. Ask yourself, what generation are you targeting? Everyone is on Facebook these days and other socially oriented services. Getting your content viral is synonymous to paying a premium on Prime Television ads. Here at BrandingGurus, we ensure that you’re getting a piece of the pie. Our proprietary social media marketing techniques are well researched and launched with extreme prejudice. We make your content as engaging, likable and as shareable to the frenzied crowd lurking in the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Video Marketing

You may call it Vlogging but launching a successful Video Marketing is paramount to gaining more prospects in no time. This is the breeding ground of viral campaigns in the form of funny and engaging contents. In order to breed potentially viral videos, our researchers are carefully studying your targeted demography and the best possible content injection that will not only make them interested but also buy your products or services. To some this is a long shot, but several techniques exist and we pride ourselves for our own unique Video Marketing technologies here at BrandingGurus.

Profile Creation

What should be in your profile? Your profile says a lot about you and you should never write a thing or two that will contradict what you believe either on your business or your personal life. Perfect profiles are all lies but they make you pretty and successful, so why don't you allow a professional to do it for you. Hire the Gurus.

Audience analysis

Audience analysis is meant to improve communications. In a sense, it's like knowing that you're preparing a speech for fifth graders. Having that in mind, you'll simply avoid the mistake of writing complex speeches meant to be understood by graduate students. The same happens in marketing, get the target first before you hurl your darts.

Content Sharing

Humans naturally share and that is a great asset in marketing. Imagine your contents being shared by thousands of potential prospects, wouldn't you be any happier? Let the Gurus give you that amazing content and we'll make sure that you get an amazing content marketing story to tell to the markets.

Graphic solutions

A picture is worth a thousand words, well that is simply true. But how do get the right picture to illustrate your business? Pretty easy for the Gurus, just give us a call and we'll deliver the best graphics solutions to your door. Just remember, you paint the ideas and we draw the perfect pictures.

Facebook marketing

Social media has proven very relevant in today's marketing. In fact, it makes traditional media look so much ancient. So how do you reach your potential prospects lurking on the social media? Easy, share everything about your products in a controlled way so as not to disseminate potentially harmful images of your business. One wrongful comment could end it all for you so trust the Gurus now.

Twitter promotion

Twitter promotions only work if you can reach out to thousands of followers. In reality, a single tweet could potentially land you thousands of prospects. Looks very promising but you need paid promoted tweets to do the job. Here at BrandingGurus, we promote your tweets with our patented technologies giving you that very extra mile you're looking for.

Youtube Marketing

The first rule of Youtube marketing is being able to craft viral videos. How do you do that? Simple, it's all about being creative and delivering nuggets of information about your business in the most entertaining way. Here at BrandingGurus, we pride ourselves of crafting highly engaging videos that will surely attract the attention of your prospects.

Linkedin marketing

LinkedIn marketing can help you land more clients by utilizing LinkedIn's small business marketing solutions. Here at BrandingGurus, we make it a priority to simply attract the right customers and bring them right to your doorsteps. LinkedIn is an ecosystem of professional people and to get to them is not as easy as crafting viral videos. The Gurus know the secret, so hire us now.

Google+ optimization

Google+ can indeed enhance your SEO but even the most promising websites can't even get it to work and you know why? Because Google+ should not be taken lightly, it's Google in the first place. Here at BrandingGurus, we tackle it dynamically and with our proven techniques, you can perfectly bet that we'll get you noticed by your prospects in no time.