Search Engine Optimization

Link Building: (Directory Listings, Business Listings, Social Bookmarkings, Link Exchange, One way linking)

Gone are the days when you can just link to a website for some traffic and more. These days, you could link to a bad website and in return damage your online reputation. Hence, link building is taken with extreme prejudice. In order to obtain successful results, we strive hard to create innovative technologies to obtain high quality links that improve your natural rankings in the search engines. How well you show up on the search engines can still be dictated by high quality links that point to your website, so take advantage of our cutting edge link building techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (Local Search Optimization, Google Maps Optimization, International SEO)

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we don’t rely on keyword density and whatnots, we innovate. The web is ever changing and the techniques in the past are not that effective these days, so here at BrandingGurus, we simply make sure that you get what you paid for by giving you our carefully crafted content optimization that is both human and machine readable. We achieve this through careful research ad design done by a team of SEO experts. We offer Local Search Optimization, Google Maps Optimization, and International SEO. The internet is our playground and we simply love to innovate.

SEO Audit

SEO auditing is all about assessing your website. It's a skill that is easy to master however, if you want tangible results, simply call in the Gurus. We will examine your website thoroughly and give you valuable results such as the number of search volume pertaining to your website, the list of organic keywords you have, and even compare your performance with the top competing sites.

Market Research

Do you really want amateurs to manage the most crucial element of your success? Here at BrandingGurus, we simply don't allow market research to befall unto deaf ears. We are hands-on when it comes to reaching out to your prospects and since it all starts with market research, then you bet right, we are the Gurus of high quality market research.

Competitor Analysis

In marketing, intelligence plays the most crucial role in obtaining timely information with the sole purpose of achieving the lion share of the market. Here in BrandingGurus, competitor analysis is seen as the breeding ground for defensive and offensive decisions against rival contenders. We move your business to the next level by identifying your strengths and weakness against present and future competitors.

Keyword Research & Analysis

So you have the keywords, now how do you use them? Every marketing analyst knows how important keywords are but how do you find the most significant keyword that is most likely to give you more client conversions? Don't get fooled by free analytics, else you could end up dusting your webpages. Let the Gurus do the job for you, you'll get less headache and more conversions.

Analytics & Reports

Analytics and reports give you the ultimate control over your website but things could get dirty such as an explosion of irrelevant ideas that may not even give you a hint of your business' performance. Here at BrandingGurus, we simply give you no-nonsense analytics and reports that are suffice to say, user-friendly. We interpret your data like no other and we're proud of our patented technologies.