Mobile marketing

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising sounds hard, in fact how do you deliver valuable content on such4a tiny screen with the primary content taking up the entire space? Here at BrandingGurus, we take each pixel as diamonds. We simply provide you with valuable ad design that gets right to your prospects' interests.

In App Advertising

In App Advertising is becoming common these days. In fact it is highly successful since it banks on people looking for free experience. Those tiny ads you see at the bottom of your favorite apps are highly valuable to most digital marketers. You can simply redirect your prospects to your landing page once you catch their fickle attention. Turn to the Gurus now.

SMS Marketing

Here at BrandingGurus, SMS marketing is as simple as keying the exact keywords that will travel through the radio waves to your prospect's feature phones. How do you get their attention? It's all about the first words that appear on their tiny screens. The secret? Ring us now to know the truth behind successful SMS marketing.

Live Chat Marketing

Do you know that curious people are most likely the ones to convert to your paid clients? Setting up Live Chat Marketing is easy but putting the right people there with the right script could be a bit trivial, so why gamble, ring the Gurus now and watch more prospects convert to paying clients. Enjoy your profits.

Push Notification

Push notifications are getting more common these days in fact it proves highly successful at grabbing the attention of a curious prospect. How do you make a successful push notification without sounding naive or ridiculous? Ain't it a bugger, why not turn to the Gurus to give you the best option on making the right push notification to your potential clients.


Do you want to gather more information from your clients? Why not turn to IVR (Interactive Voice Response), in fact most surveys are designed at the back of curiously satisfying the needs of your clients in an indirect way. Here at BrandingGurus, we simply don't waste your client's valuable time by barking the wrong questions. Ring us now for a demo.

Short Codes

Like it or not, SMS marketing ain't dead yet. So what is the fastest way to deliver your content to your prospects? Short codes. Here at BrandingGurus, we still think that SMS is a brilliant way to engage potential customers and keep the existing ones. Ring us now for a demo.

Whatsapp Marketing

Imagine being capable of reaching out to thousands of potential prospects on Whatsapp platform, that's in fact every digital marketer's dream. Why take a chance when you can simply ring the Gurus now to give you that extra advantage against your competitors? Whatsapp has revolutionized communication, why not ride the wave to your success? Click here to know more...

Transaction SMS

The Gurus can also do your Transactional SMS which you can use to notify your clients about your products. Why use Transactional SMS? Simple, they are cost efficient and they successfully get to your clients in a quick manner. In business quick means success, so why take a chance, turn to the Gurus now.