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Content Writing

Our creative writers produce high quality and original content that maintains your marketing message however fully optimized for every popular search engine available. Unique content is what you really want for an effective SEO campaign and that very content needs to sell your products or services at the same time to your prospects. In order to deliver fresh engaging content that sells, we strongly collaborate with you for effective ideas. Here at BrandingGurus, our creative writers are fully equipped and well-trained on web word play that is both readable to humans and the search engine spiders.

Article Writing : How do you exactly write engaging contents? Basically you just need one, a terrific writer. Here at BrandingGurus, our writers are experts on their field. They can spun content that will make your prospects ask themselves, why not try your product. It's all about proper content dissemination, don't take chances, call the Gurus now.

Website Content : Website Contents are not just common contents, they contain bits of codes that are search engine friendly. Call it SEO or keyword optimization, but in the end, it's all about the perfect website contents that get to the top of search contents. Don't take chances, call the Gurus now and have awesome Website Contents on your page and be at the top.

Press Releases : Press Releases do not need to be boring. Call the Gurus now to spice up your press release. It is all about the right mixture of being fun and being informative at the same time. Get the air warmer with playful words and easily disseminate information to a highly engaged audience.

Blog Content : Looking for an incredible piece of blog content? Search no more, the BrandingGurus is here to get the job done. Remember that engaging blog contents covert potential prospects to clients. We use patented techniques on having the right balance between raw content and coding that is friendly not only to the human reader but to the spider crawler too.

Social Media Content : Social Media Contents are proving to be an indispensable tool for digital marketers. If you're wondering just how to hop onto the bandwagon, worry no more. Here at BrandingGurus, we craft scripts that are not only highly interactive but worth sharing too, after all social media is all about the viral stuff. Ring the Gurus now to know more.

E-Book Writing : Do you want to turn your website to an engaging e-book? If yes, then turn to the Gurus now to make it happen. Else, if you simply want to write an e-book from scratch, we can do that too. Our writers are excellent in their fields, we only trust your contents to the capable hands.

Content Promotion: (Article Submissions, Press Release Submissions, Blog Submissions)

Content promotion is as important as original content creation for without allowing the search engine spiders to fully crawl your content is synonymous to getting stuck in a mud pool. In order to avoid this dreadful scenario, a good and successful content promotion is necessary and here at BrandingGurus, we simply prioritize good quality high PR links to link back to your website contents. Our innovative content promotion technologies such as Article Submissions, Press Release Submissions, Blog Submissions are all geared up to satisfy your PR needs. Our techniques are unique from the market and we love to call it the science of properly magnetizing search engine spiders without getting penalized.

Guest Blog Posting

Rumor has it that guest blog posting is not that effective these days, ask yourself — “who am I connecting with?” Guest blogging is all about building relationships on the web and like good cop bad cop scenario, the web is full of both good and bad blogs. Here at BrandingGurus, we ensure that you get nothing but the best guest blog postings from successful and high PR blogs. We simply publish original contents that are relevant to your genre and we believe that bringing in new blood attracts more traffic to your website. Successful guest blog posting is all about an effective cross site content promotion.